Custom T-shirts - Why Custom T-shirts help brands grow

Custom T-Shirts

 Custom t-shirts are the best promotional products

Custom t-shirts are the best promotional products

A good marketing agency will know that not all marketing efforts have to break the bank. Companies pour money into commercials and magazine ads that end up being far more expensive than effective. There is a time and place for big budget commercials and celebrity endorsements, but in our media saturated environment a simpler approach may yield the best results. 

Many recognizable brands rely on one simple approach: branded custom t-shirts. For clothing brands like Nike and GAP this may seem like an obvious choice. But branded t-shirts aren’t only for clothing brands. Custom t-shirts are powerful promotional products for any brand or company.

Stand Out in a Sea of Suits

At conferences custom t-shirts will set you apart from the sea of suits. Branded corporate clothing will cement your presence and increase your visibility. A handful of people in the crowd wearing your branded shirt will have people thinking you sent a team of 50 to work the floor. Custom t-shirts are the uniforms for your brand army. Whether they’re worn by employees or customers, people wearing your shirt become instant ambassadors for your brand. Your logo walks around with them throughout the conference or the community.

A walking billboard surely costs less than an actual one. Custom tshirts are inexpensive and effective promotional products and don’t require marketing agency to implement. It’s a small investment with big returns.

Attention Grabber

A marketing agency will spend a great deal of time figuring out how to get people talking about a brand. TV ads, giveaways, and interactive websites are all intended to prompt conversations and garner interest in the brand. But you don’t need a special effects budget or fancy website to pique someone's curiosity. Simply wearing a shirt emblazoned with your company’s logo will elicit questions.

Even when you’re not at a conference or a trade show, your custom t-shirt will be working. In line at Starbucks, at the grocery store, at parties, custom t-shirts will prompt organic conversations about what your company is all about.

Custom t-shirts aren’t only for spreading the word to potential customers. Your company t-shirt will attract talent, a silent recruiting tool. Visibly representing your brand as you work throughout the community will get attention from potential hires interested in the work. Even when you’re not on the clock, your branded clothing will continue working for you. A simple walk down the street can be an opportunity for promotion.

Custom t-shirts are promotional products that go beyond brand recognition and become a part of someone’s style and sensibility. Dressing in your brand is a simple and cheap way to project your image onto the world, not to mention it's downright fun.